Quiz around the head. Intellectual battle took place in aif.ru editorial office

In the AIF mansion; passed the traditional quiz for employees of Moscow and regional media.

Nine teams competed for the title of editorial chief erudite. Each — with original name. 

Photo: AiF/Igor Kharitonov

Quiz — this is a kind of quiz, which is most often held in bars. To the accompaniment of the clink of glasses, the most daring versions are born. Topics are non-standard, answers — unexpected. But, unlike the popular Moscow quizzes, in “AiF” tournaments are free. And not only for their employees. Teams from Komsomolskaya Pravda, RT, Rostelecom, Domashny TV channel have already joined the game.

Photo: AiF/Igor Kharitonov

During the tournament, the guests were surprised by the answers. So, not everyone could know about the merits of the singer Taylor Swiftin front of English-language literature (and it turned out that her poems are being studied at the University of Texas). I was also surprised that “branches from the tree of knowledge” in the 19th century they called … rods. This question caused the most confusion. 

Photo: AiF/Igor Kharitonov

The game once again proved: luck — girl is fickle. Therefore, the first round was won by the Cotton Pads team, which did not make it into the top three last time. The “librarians” team as part of two participants, she continued to confidently fight for victory. 

Photo: AiF/Igor Kharitonov

But “discs” went into a frenzy! They were one of the few who guessed the question about the IKEA museum, and a flawless performance in the music quiz allowed the team to gain a foothold in the first place.

It's time for a serious battle. To the fifth round “Librarians” moved down to the bottom of the standings. And the second place was taken by those who last time finished on the seventh — “Together fun in CT.” At the film quiz round, they showed a powerful result — 8 points out of 10. 

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