“Rave Bunnies” Metaverse Project Dangles Carrots to Festival Lovers Looking to Profit From Crypto-Gaming

A new NFT project looking to tap into the $10 billion raving market has arrived—and it's as colorful and imaginative as one would expect.

For those still attempting to wrap their minds around the possibilities of the metaverse, prepare yourselves, because soon there will be the world's first Bunnyverse to discover thanks to a zany NFT concept called Rave Bunnies.

The Bunnyverse combines a virtual music festival experience with play-to-earn-style gaming, an emerging genre of blockchain-based games whereby players have the chance to earn income by way of mere participation.

Don't be fooled by the initial appearances of these fluffy woodland critters. According to a press release, players will need to work to arm their avatar bunnies to the teeth to take on adversarial clans and protect their way of life.

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Despite the wartime premise, these wide-eyed creatures appreciate the simple joys of raving and consuming the occasional "illicit carrot." To that end, the team has included a virtual music festival on it's project roadmap scheduled for a to-be-determined date in the first half of 2022. Per the project's white paper, the headlining DJ will be determined based on popular vote from the community.

Prospective collectors currently have the chance to hop on the Rave Bunny bandwagon via the public token mint. In total, 5,000 NFTs will be produced. Partial proceeds from the Rave Bunnies sale will be committed to animal rescue-related projects.

You can find out more about Rave Bunnies here.

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