San Holo’s bitbird Embraces “Art Bass” Direction In New Compilation, “Gouldian Finch 5”

Just shy of two years since the series' fourth installment, Gouldian Finch 5 has finally arrived, seeing bitbird fully embrace "art bass" as it brings together two dozens of forward-thinking artists for 21 genre-defining tracks.

Operating on their vision to “create forever,” bitbird has always been defined by its art-forward approach to bass music since it was founded by San Holo and Thorwald van den Akker. Throughout the years, the tastemaker label has carved a unique space for eclectic electronic music, but Gouldian Finch 5 marks the first time its unique sound is distinctively described as “art bass.”

"As producers we are always looking for that unheard of note, that feeling that comes with a beautiful chord progression, that grabs you and gives you goosebumps," van den Akker tells "Art bass is music that moves you in all ways, wether or not you are actively listening, enjoying it at a rave, or by yourself. It’s emotive, expressive and promoting producers to find their own voice."

According to a press release, art bass was developed as a response to the commercialized formula of future bass music. Driven by a constant desire to create something unique and expressive while defying conventional genre boundaries, art bass delves into innovative sonic choices and conceptual depth, aiming to evoke emotions beyond the pure party atmosphere that’s common within electronic music.

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The dazzling, 21-song project features gems from Wavedash, San Holo, Pauline Herr, MELVV and more.

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Gouldian Finch 5 might be the most colorful and explosive compilation from bitbird to date. Featuring an impressive 29 artists, the tracklist ebbs and flows through bass-driven drops and mesmerizing ambiance, while shining bright with the creative freedom that both the label and its artists live and breathe.

Wavedash kickstarts Goulding Finch 5 with the playful “WALK UP” before bitbird regulars Darby, Tails and wes mills enchant listeners with their dancefloor-ready sounds. Tracks such as “Love” by JB Hain and “Focus” from Synova and Byegone add a unique dimension while Pauline Herr and joegarratt’s collaboration “heartbreak” makes for one of the compilation’s most heavy-hitting tracks.

Gouldian Finch 5 also includes tracks from the likes of OBLVYN, barking continues, MELVV, Daktyl, Eastghost and many more. Take a listen below.



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