Satanovsky warned of preemptive strike on US nuclear bases in Europe

“The past world war is not enough for Poland”

European countries that are ready to accept US nuclear arsenals on their territory are at great risk. Because these arsenals of weapons of mass destruction are the primary targets for Russian missiles. This was stated by the well-known political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky.

On the eve of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the nuclear arsenals, which are now located on the territory of Germany, can be moved to the territory of Eastern Europe. Commenting on this statement in his Telegram channel, Yevgeny Satanovsky wrote that it is time to end all conversations about cooperation between Russia and NATO after such words. “The topic of cooperation with NATO, dialogue with NATO and other pleasures of Russian politicians and pro-Western experts has been closed completely. Although the fact that we were cheated and bred like little children was clear to anyone, ”the political scientist wrote.

According to him, the site of a future nuclear war, which has not been removed from the agenda at all and may break out at any moment, “it is not at all excluded that the states where nuclear weapons appear.” And it will be preventive or whatever else is not the point, “- said Satanovsky.

It is no coincidence, he wrote, that the Germans are squeezing NATO's nuclear arsenals out of their territory as best they can. “The last war was enough for them. But Poland and other former “countries of people's democracies”, obviously, it was not enough. Although in the event of a new type of war, physically little will remain of them, despite any assurances from NATO officials and the Americans, “he concluded.

Satanovsky critically assessed the level of the leaders of Poland and some other Eastern European countries, ready to host US nuclear weapons.

“Judging by what these people are doing, on command from the external control centers in Brussels and Washington, their present and any future prospects, be aware of this in the aforementioned leadership no one, – he wrote. – There is solid bone in the heads, no signs of thought processes and the presence of brains, as such, were found. Sorry. These countries, should something happen, the planet will miss. And we are used to them – not everyone likes to relax in Paris, London and Miami. ”


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