Scholz responded to accusations of Ukraine in the slow supply of weapons


Germany supplies Ukraine with the necessary military assistance, said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in an interview with the Münchner Merkur newspaper .

“A lot of what is said in this country is simply not true,” he stressed, adding that some underestimate the complexity of the issue.

According to the chancellor, if Germany supplies the most modern weapons systems, such as howitzers or anti-aircraft systems, then soldiers must be well trained to use them – otherwise it will become ineffective; such systems also require ammunition.

As Scholz clarified, anyone who thinks that military equipment can be bought like cars in dealerships is very mistaken.

“I realize that must endure criticism,” the chancellor added. In addition, he noted that he would not allow himself to be dissuaded from pursuing a balanced course.

The Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly turned to Western countries with a request to arrange the transfer of weapons. In particular, Kyiv repeatedly accused Germany of too slow delivery of various types of weapons.


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