Stop fire. How are the regions preparing for the forest fire season?

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During last year's fire season, the fire engulfed record-breaking territories. This year, according to the decisions of the President and the Prime Minister of the country, an additional 8.2 billion rubles will be allocated for fire fighting activities. The total amount of support for forest fire formations will exceed 14 billion. This means that for the first time in many years, forestry enterprises will be able to expand the staff of forest air firefighters, conduct air and ground patrols more often. 

In most regions, preparations for the fire season have already begun. Now they are developing patrol routes, purchasing equipment and renting aircraft that will deliver forest firefighters to hard-to-reach areas. 

More firefighters — fewer fires

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the reception of specialists from the fire service of the regional Forest Fire Center has begun. This year, 186 more people will join the staff of firefighters. An increase in the number of aviation services will help to quickly eliminate forest fires in remote and hard-to-reach areas of the region.

The region will also continue to modernize the system of aviation protection of forests. Video surveillance of the forest fire situation is planned to be expanded with the help of new cameras. Monitoring will allow you to quickly detect fires and eliminate forest fires, without pressing them to cover large areas.

“We plan to organize additional aviation bases: in the village. Bor of the Turukhansk region and in the village. Strelka-Chunya of the Evenki municipal district, which will make it possible to significantly increase the zone of effective forest fire extinguishing in remote northern territories, — said Minister of Forestry of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Alexei Panov.

Thanks to the national project “Ecology” The region will receive 465 units of special machinery and equipment to extinguish forest fires. The Ministry of Forestry plans to conclude agreements with tenants of forest plots, according to which they will provide their own equipment for extinguishing fires if necessary, and to conduct educational activities for the population.

New ways of fighting fires

B There are 19 forestries in the Ulyanovsk region. All of them have already developed plans to extinguish forest fires. After their approval, the development of a master plan will begin in the Ministry of Nature of the region. This document will include information about forests, the number of forest fire formations, equipment, the rules for its use in accordance with the level of fire danger in forests, as well as about tenants of forest plots.

Last year, thanks to the national project “Ecology” The region received 32 units of special equipment and 21 units of inventory, including small forest patrol complexes, snow and swamp vehicles, quadrocopters, fire trucks, tractors, fire tanks, all-terrain vehicles, water tanks, navigators, thermal imagers and radio stations. 

Plans for extinguishing forest fires this year have also been developed in Bashkortostan. Thanks to the federal project “Preservation of forests” (part of the national project “Ecology”) since 2019, the forestries of the Republic have received 102 units of special equipment and 487 units of equipment and inventory, as well as drones that detect fires at the initial stage.

At the end of last year, employees of the Forest Fire Department center of Bashkortostan tested an innovative way to fight fire. In the laboratory of the Ufa State Petroleum Technological University, a reternant — flame retardant agent. Such substances are successfully used in the world practice of protection against forest fires. The chemical method of fighting fire is considered effective and economical.

“The tests were carried out using the aircraft SP-30 from AK. Aviakhim-South confirmed the reliability of the facility. Long-acting retardant significantly reduces the risk of ignition, ", — said the head of the center Airat Yusupov.

The territories treated with the reterdent are resistant to fire and burning of vegetation during dry weather and light rainfall up to prolonged rains.


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