SWAYLÓ Finds Cosmic Alignment With Spellbinding House Track, “Global Acid Jack”

The timeless adage, "As above, so below," finds its resonance in SWAYLÓ's new track, "Global Acid Jack," a musical saga merging tribal-inspired house music with the lunar phases.

Raised on New Mexico's enchanting Zuni Pueblo, SWAYLÓ's unique personal background has always kept him closely connected with the natural world. His latest offering is a testament to his abilities to seamlessly merge multiple spheres of influence into a wide-ranging sonic journey.

We're told the track was released to align with the Waxing Gibbous moon phase, which is symbolically tied to ideas of growth and the balancing of energies. True to the track's symbolism, SWAYLÓ masterfully manages the tension and release from momentum-building grooves to driving acid synths while keeping the flow engaging throughout.

"Connecting multiple layers of rave, techno, acid and tribal influences, I created this one to take you on a journey and exploration of outer dimensional and new worlds," SWAYLÓ said in a press release. Take a listen to "Global Acid Jack" below.

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SWAYLÓ's unique outlook and background continue to be his guide to bridging elements of dance music's past, present and future.

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