Tails and Benji Lewis Connect for Intimate Indie Dance Single, “is that ok?”

Canadian dance music virtuoso Tails has teamed up with Australian singer-songwriter Benji Lewis for a stunning single, “is that ok?”

Following up a number of impressive singles as well as last year’s scintillating photos of the sun EP, Tails continues to cement himself as a trailblazer to watch, consistently backed by San Holo’s bitbird imprint.

“Is that ok?” is another turn of the page in Tails' expansive sonic identity, combining warm synths with punchy drums and organic textures. Lewis’ vocal contributions to the intricate song are mesmerizing and lend to an attention-grabbing indie-dance stunner. Tails’ production throughout the climax, on the other hand, is uplifting as nostalgic atmospheres and groovy percussion take over.

Take a listen to “hope that’s ok?” below.

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The new single is out now via San Holo's bitbird.

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"I had been listening to some of Tails music a fair bit around that time and was really liking the vibe and emotion it brought with it," Lewis said in a statement. "I thought that my idea could fit into what he was doing so I sent it over. He got back to me saying he definitely wanted to work on something with it. I remember the first demo sounding really cool and being so ready for it to come out ever since."

After starting to release music independently back in 2015, Tails had a breakout year in 2018. Momentous singles like "Ghosted" (with Pauline Herr) and “Skeleton” (with Nevve) made waves before Tails made his live debut in the U.S. the following year, performing at EDC Las Vegas, Electric Zoo and Veld, among other major festivals. He's currently working on his sophomore EP, which will mark the follow-up to photos of the sun. 

You can stream “is that ok?” here.


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