Telegraph says Johnson could be the next NATO Secretary General

Johnson's candidacy is supported by senior Tories, writes the Telegraph. The powers of the current NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg expire in September 2023 Telegraph reported that Johnson could become the next Secretary General of NATO” />

Boris Johnson

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who resigned after a scandal in the government, could compete for the post of NATO Secretary General next year, the newspaper reported Telegraph.

According to the publication, senior Tories support Johnson's candidacy. Before him, British Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace, as well as former Prime Ministers Theresa May and David Cameron, were predicted to be the secretary general of the alliance, the Telegraph writes.

The fact that Johnson could become the next secretary general of NATO was also previously reported by the Daily express. As the newspaper notes, the candidacy of the prime minister is actively supported in Ukraine.

“Brilliant idea” Johnson's possible appointment to this post is also considered by former Brexit Minister David Jones. According to him, it was the prime minister who “led the reaction of the West” Russia's actions in Ukraine, and he also called on Sweden and Finland to apply for NATO membership.

Mirror also named among the possible options for Johnson's future career is the appointment to the post of Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance. However, she considers this option less likely. According to the publication, the UN could create the post of envoy for the restoration of Ukraine after the conflict, and Johnson could apply for him, given his “close relationship with President Volodymyr Zelensky.”

Johnson resigned as prime minister and leaders of the Conservatives in early July after a scandal in the government. It turned out that he appointed government member Chris Pincher to high positions, knowing that he had already become a defendant in an investigation of sexual harassment. The scandal began after Pincher was again accused of molestation.

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Former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and Foreign Minister Liz Truss will compete for the post of head of the Conservative Party and government. Johnson, as the Telegraph reported, was considering leaving politics. However, this week he announced that he intends to participate in the next election of the head of the conservatives. According to Sunday Times sources, the prime minister believes that the arrival of a successor could turn into a disaster and in a few years lead to the defeat of the Tories, and then the party will need someone energetic and able to return it to power.

The post of NATO Secretary General occupied by Jens Stoltenberg. His term was supposed to expire in September, but the members of the alliance extended it for another year. Prior to this, Stoltenberg was appointed head of the Central Bank of Norway, and it was expected that he would take this post no later than December 31 of this year.

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