The Communist Party of the Russian Federation called Mironov’s words about a possible merger of parties a farce

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation does not discuss the topic of unification with the Right Russians, there is no talk of this. Sergei Mironov has raised this issue more than once, saying that “ordinary communists” want the parties to merge

Sergey Mironov

Speech about the merger of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and "Fair Russia— Patriots— For the truth” does not go, this issue was not raised, spokesman for the Communist Party faction Alexander Yushchenko told TASS.

According to Yushchenko, the topic of a possible merger of political forces is being discussed by “political technologists from various shops and offices,” and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has nothing to do with them. “Such statements in election campaigns are nothing more than a farce,” — he thinks.

“The obsession of some, including SRHR, on this issue allows us to conclude that the SR is also supervised by the same political technologists”,— added politician.

The question of a possible unification of the Communists and Right-wing Russians was raised by the leader of the SRZP, Sergei Mironov, speaking on July 27 at a rally in Chelyabinsk. He stated that the association of “Fair Russia” with the parties “Patriots of Russia” and “For the Truth”, which took place in February 2021, “on the whole worked positively”, and did not rule out that several more parties would join the political force by the next elections to the State Duma. “I am convinced that historically ahead will be a merger with the Communist Party of Russia. Under the current leadership, this is unlikely to happen. But we see: 99.9% of our voting coincides with the Communist Party faction— if we are against, they are against, if we are for, they are for,— Mironov is quoted by the local portal

This is not the first time Mironov has spoken of a possible merger between the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and A Just Russia. Back in 2011, he expressed the opinion that such a development of events “is inevitable, but only on the platform of social democracy.”

In June 2021, Mironov called the Communist Party friendly to Right-wing Russia. According to the leader of the SZRP, by uniting, the parties could “more successfully, more effectively defend the interests of our fellow citizens, resist the onset of liberal totalitarianism and oligarchic capital.” The politician said that “ordinary communists” want the parties to merge, but admitted that under the current leadership of the Communist Party this is unlikely to happen.

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