The current President of South Ossetia Bibilov admitted defeat in the elections

After processing 18% of the ballots in the second round, Alan Gagloev is in the lead with 59% of the votes. 37% of voters voted for Bibilov. Bibilov admitted defeat in the elections” />

Anatoly Bibilov

President of South Ossetia, Anatoly Bibilov, who was running for a second term, admitted defeat in the elections and wished successful work to the leader of the Nykhas party who was ahead of him. Alan Gagloev, according to the local agency “Res” and TASS.

“I believe that the elections took place. I congratulate Alan Gagloev and wish him good luck,— he told TASS. According to “Res”, Bibilov stressed that for him “the choice of the people is beyond doubt”, and expressed the hope that the new head of state “will succeed”.

On May 8, the second round of elections, the first was April 10. During the first round, in which, in addition to Bibilov and Gagloev, three more candidates participated, Gagloev won about 37% of the votes, Bibilov— about 34%.

In the second round, according to the processing of 18% of the ballots, 59.2% of the votes were cast for Gagloev, for Bibilov— 37%, said the head of the CEC of the country, Emilia Gagiev. His headquarters also announced Gagloev's victory.

The turnout in the elections was 68.2%, the vote was recognized as valid, since at least a 30% turnout is required for this.


Gagloev— leader of the opposition party, he also took part in the elections in 2017, being an employee of the State Security Committee. Then Gagloev scored 10.1% of the vote.

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Before the current elections, Bibilov said that South Ossetia intends to take legal steps to become part of Russia. However, according to the head of state, he did not discuss this issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin, although at “different levels” consultations were held.

Gagloev noted that the referendum on joining Russia— it is “will” people of South Ossetia. But, according to the politician, the main factor in this matter is “the willingness of the Russian Federation to take on such responsibility.”

“It is necessary to carry out preliminary work, to reach certain agreements. Each step must be compared with the position of the strategic partner, so as not to complicate the already difficult geopolitical situation,»,— Gagloev said.

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