The decision to start partial mobilization is associated with the activation of Western countries

The president's decision to begin partial mobilization is connected with the activation of Western countries, which are already openly setting the goal of military defeat of Russia, this opinion was expressed by Yuri Bondarenko, head of the Return Foundation.

According to According to him, the Kyiv authorities were instructed to transfer hostilities to the territory of Russia, even peaceful cities that the Kyiv regime calls its own are being shelled.

Speaking of referendums in the DPR and DPR, Bondarenko noted that their holding is necessary how the people who live there are now suspended, as it were, between two forces. They understand that it is no longer Ukraine, but not yet Russia, it was very important to let them know that we are with them not only in fact, but also legally, he said.

Now, attacking the territories DPR, LPR, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, Ukraine will also fire at Russia. An attack on the territory of Russia will be perceived as an aggression against our country.

“This is no longer a NVO, this is already something big. Therefore, I have no doubt that after this speech, the situation on the battlefield will change dramatically in a week, a month,” Bondarenko concluded.  It was noted that mobilization activities will start today.

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