The dog is biting. What breeds can not be walked without a muzzle

A dog can bite, even to death. Not surprisingly, many people are wary of large breeds. In  unlike dog owners, who often believe that their animal doesn attack, but "just plays".

"A muzzle? Put on yourself», — this is how aggressive dog breeders usually respond. However, some breeds need a “shield”, and this is enshrined in law. How — expert answers.

“Without a muzzle and leash, it is forbidden to walk dogs from the list of potentially dangerous breeds: Akbash, Ambuldog, American Bandog, Brazilian Bulldog, Alapaha Purebred Bulldog, Bully Kutta, Bandog, Gul-Dong, Pit Bullmastiff, North Caucasian dogs , wolf-dog hybrids and wolfdogs, and also hybrids and mestizos of all the above breeds», — told President of the Russian Cynological Federation Vladimir Golubev.

Three years ago, a decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 29 July 2019  No. 974 “On the approval of the list of potentially dangerous dogs”. It is forbidden to walk these breeds without a muzzle and leash, regardless of the walking place, except with the exception of your own fenced area.

The list consists of breeds for which there are no clear standards; they are poorly predictable and poorly trainable. At the same time, the list does not include Rottweilers and Dobermans, which usually inspire fear in passers-by. Apparently, because these dogs lend themselves well to training, are used in work and are oriented towards a person.

«Another question is that a dog must be dealt with, but this applies absolutely to any dog, regardless of breed», — notes the expert.

According to the cynologist, the popular term «dogs of fighting breeds» — erroneous. This is the name of any dog ​​that takes part in battles. “There were dogs used for baiting (usually — wild animals), military service, and to to a lesser extent — „fair fights“, but among them you can even find the ancestors of the world famous rescuer — St. Bernard», — the expert notices.

However, the cynologist believes: there is no specific dangerous breed, each case is individual.

«I voiced my position more than once, but I want to note again: there are no dangerous breeds of dogs, there are separate aggressive individuals . Especially when it comes to pedigree dog breeding: the manifestation of aggression in all standards is a disqualifying vice that leads the dog out of breeding», — Golubev says.

At the same time, according to the law, animals, regardless of their breed, can be walked in a public place, provided that they do not threaten the safety of people and the safety of property, and only in the presence of the owner. Therefore, dogs are not allowed to freely, that is, without an owner, walk in & nbsp; porches, in & nbsp; yards, on & nbsp; children's and & nbsp; sports grounds. Dog exercise must only be done in places authorized by the local administration. And, of course, the owners must clean up after their pets.

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