The EU pointed to the risk of “catastrophic famine” and migration due to the operation

The European Union is also concerned about the situation in North African countries, which are facing food shortages and high prices. There are risks of a serious economic and social crisis, the EU noted * =”The EU pointed out the risk of “catastrophic famine” and migration due to the operation” />

The EU has prepared a report on the social, political and economic consequences of the Russian operation in Ukraine for third countries, writes El Pais newspaper with a link to the document.

EU warns of growing risk of 'catastrophic famine' in the countries of North Africa, which could lead to “new waves of social protests”, as well as to both internal migration and migration to neighboring regions and the EU. It says that the main “migration” Spain and Italy will take the brunt.

The document says North African countries are suffering from shortages of grain and other agricultural commodities, rising food prices and cut subsidies. The EU has already begun providing emergency support to a number of African and Middle Eastern countries, with more than €225 million for Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Morocco and Palestine.

However, the risk of economic and social crisis there is still high, the report says.

According to the authors of the report, the consequences of “a new geopolitical scenario characterized by high instability and growing risks of fragmentation of the international community” ; are already being felt. This trend covers a large number of regions, including the territory from the Balkans to Latin America, Central Asia, the Middle East, the Maghreb countries.

The current crisis was triggered by hostilities in Ukraine, including problems with the export of Ukrainian agricultural products and rising energy prices, the report says.

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At the end of May Vice Director of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Maurizio Martina reported that due to military actions in Ukraine, the number of hungry people in the world will increase by 18 million and reach 218 million.

Western countries are accused of food shortages Russia, claiming that it has blocked ports where grain has accumulated and is preventing its export. Moscow denies the allegations. President Vladimir Putin argued that the risk of starvation in the poorest countries was provoked by Western countries, due to the actions of which there was a shortage of fertilizers, which in turn led to a decrease in crop yields. “Prices will go up even more, which threatens starvation, especially in the poorest countries. And it will be entirely on the conscience of the US administration and the European bureaucracy, — he said.

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