The governor announced the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol

Head of Sevastopol: Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet, five people were injured Festive events in Sevastopol in honor of Navy Day were canceled due to the strike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet, Razvozhaev said. Five people were injured, no one died. The governor urged city residents not to leave their homes

Mikhail Razvozhaev

A Ukrainian drone struck the headquarters of the Navy in Sevastopol, wounding five of its employees, Mikhail Razvozhaev, the governor of the city, wrote on Telegram.

“Early this morning, the Ukronazis decided to ruin Navy Day for us. An unidentified object flew into the courtyard of the fleet headquarters, according to preliminary data, this is a drone, — said the head of Sevastopol.

Photo: razvozhaev/Telegram

There were no deaths as a result of the strike, FSB officers are working at the scene, the governor added. Razvozhaev added that the celebrations in honor of the Navy Day were canceled for security reasons. He urged the residents of the city not to panic and to be able to stay at home.

Photo: razvozhaev/Telegram

Navy Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of July, this year— 31 numbers. In Sevastopol, they intended to hold a prayer service, lay flowers and walk around the ships in the city bay, but they did not plan to hold a parade this year. “There will be no ceremonial formation of ships, all events on Grafskaya will be of a protocol nature. We invite the people of Sevastopol in the evening to the festive fireworks,— reported in the press service of the Black Sea Fleet, Sevkor reported.

The authorities of the Russian regions bordering Ukraine after the start of the special operation have repeatedly reported drone strikes, this is the first case of a drone strike from the Ukrainian side on Sevastopol. In particular, at the end of July, the Bryansk governor Alexander Bogomaz said that a quadrocopter dropped an explosive device into a warehouse near the Troebortnoye customs checkpoint. Four people were injured, one of whom later died.

In the regions bordering Ukraine, two districts of the Voronezh region and in the north of Crimea, a high, “yellow” color was previously introduced. terrorist threat level. At the beginning of the week, on July 25, the head of the Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, extended its validity until August 9.

In Sevastopol, in connection with the location of the Black Sea Fleet base, visits to a number of city beaches were previously banned or restricted. Razvozhaev explained at the end of May that in the conditions of a special operation in Ukraine, the security forces are carrying out “events that I, for obvious reasons, cannot speak about in detail and in detail.”

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