The head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine said that Putin is “playing chess” with the West

Ukraine's defense minister said Putin is checking Western countries by building up forces along the Russian-Ukrainian border. He called on the US and EU countries to hold Moscow accountable for any next aggression

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin 'plays chess' with Western countries, moving military equipment and armed forces along the Russian-Ukrainian border. This was stated by Ukrainian Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov in an interview with The Washington Post.

Reznikov paid a visit to Washington, during which he met with US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin and asked for additional military assistance for Kiev. According to him, he and his American counterpart came to the same conclusions about the situation on the Russian-Ukrainian border.

“ He [Vladimir Putin] checks the unity of the European Union, he checks the unity of NATO allies, he checks our society, Ukrainians, he checks Poland, the Baltic countries, '' & mdash; emphasized the Ukrainian minister.

Austin, in turn, added that Washington was unclear about the meaning of the latest Russian actions near the borders with Ukraine, and called on Moscow to be transparent about its military activities near the borders.

In October, The Wall Street Journal and Politico wrote that Russia was increasing the number of troops on the border with Ukraine. Bloomberg later reported that the United States feared a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine amid reports of a buildup of troops near the border.

The Kremlin called the reports of the impending invasion an empty whipping up and noted that Moscow had to “ be on the alert '' in connection with the activity of Western forces, including the reconnaissance activities of NATO aircraft.

The New York Times later wrote, citing sources that US intelligence had warned European allies that there was “ little time left. '' in order to prevent Russia from starting hostilities in Ukraine. Against this background, Washington is pushing European countries to develop a package of economic and military measures to contain Moscow, the newspaper added.

The US Senate proposed an amendment to the defense budget on sanctions in the event of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. If this scenario is implemented, it is proposed to extend the restrictions to, among other things, Nord Stream 2, state-owned companies, banks and the state debt.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly stated that Russia does not threaten anyone and does not pose a threat to anyone. The press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that the movement of troops across the country is exclusively its internal affair.

In 2016, at the opening ceremony of the Central Chess House in Moscow, Peskov said that Vladimir Putin is playing geopolitical chess instead of ordinary chess.

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