The immunologist recalled the diseases that worsen in the autumn

Most often, lung diseases, cardiovascular and mental illnesses, as well as COVID-19 and SARS, are most often exacerbated in the fall, told the Moscow 24 TV channel Immunologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences Nikolai Kryuchkov.

In autumn, several factors negatively affect people. Firstly,  stress for the body are fluctuations in weather conditions.

«People with cardiovascular diseases may have drops in blood pressure, arrhythmia and pain in the heart with angina pectoris. In the presence of lung diseases, a cough may appear due to a cold snap, — the specialist clarifies.

Secondly, the average temperature decreases, the amount of sunlight decreases. Thirdly, adults and children return to the cities after vacations and holidays.

All this causes an increase in the number of cases of infectious diseases such as SARS and coronavirus. The likelihood of exacerbation of chronic diseases, including mental ones, increases.

“If the disease is well controlled or the person does not physically start himself, then these factors affect him much less. If he is not treated, then environmental factors begin to act more strongly on him, and indeed there may be health problems during this period, — the expert noted.

Earlier, the immunologist Andrei Prodeus told what myths about SARS are very strong and why they should not be believed.

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