The mother of the missing soldier in Ukraine learned about the US attempt to confirm the captivity

Earlier, a photograph appeared, which allegedly depicts two Americans who may have been captured by the Russian military. Prior to that, they were declared missing during the fighting near Kharkov *

The US State Department is trying to verify a photo that allegedly shows two American citizens who may have been captured by Russian troops near Kharkiv, CNN reported the mother of one of them, Bunny Druke.

“They (State Department. — RBC) said that there is a photograph that is being distributed in the Russian media. And they are working hard to verify it,— the woman explained.

According to the mother, her son, Alexander Dryuke, went to Ukraine to train the military in the fight against Russia.

The photo in question was published on his Telegram channel by the head of the department for the development of strategic directions of ANO “Dialogue” Timofey Vi (Timofey Vasiliev). It depicts two men who look like American soldiers who were reported missing near Kharkov the day before. They are sitting in the back of a military truck, holding their hands behind their backs.

The fact that Dryuke and his countryman Andy Hyun disappeared near Kharkov was reported by CNN. The TV channel specified that US citizens arrived in Ukraine as volunteers.

The Telegraph newspaper, in turn, reported that the men were captured by the Russian military during the fighting in the village of Izbitskoye, Kharkov region. The publication clarified that they are considered the first Americans captured by Russia.

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Official confirmation of this no messages yet. The State Department stated that it was aware of such data and was in contact with the Ukrainian authorities. Representative of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov claimed that the Kremlin was not aware of the American military captured by the Russian army, but admitted that the Ministry of Defense might have some information.

Three foreign citizens were taken prisoner by the DNR forces : Brits Sean Pinner, Aiden Aslini Moroccan Saadoun Brahim. They were sentenced to death for participating in hostilities on the side of Ukraine. In Britain, the verdict was considered illegitimate and fictitious, they said that they were working on the release of the convicts.

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