The oncologist commented on the WHO forecast for a 40% increase in the number of cancers

The forecast of the World Health Organization about the growth in the number of cancers by 40% by 2030 is based on an increase in life expectancy, the director general of the National Medical Research Center for Radiology, the chief oncologist of the Ministry of Health, Academician  RAS Andrey Kaprin.

“The increase in the incidence is expected mainly due to an increase in life expectancy. Therefore, the greatest “contribution” should introduce diseases that develop in people aged 55+ — in particular, prostate cancer», — he said.

Regular screenings are needed to detect cancer at an early stage.

“In particular, screening programs for colorectal cancer, breast cancer and breast cancer have been approved by the World Health Organization. cervical cancer», — said the doctor.

He also spoke about when doctors will be able to improve methods of treating cancer.

“The victory in cancer will be possible when we learn to“ tint ”  atypical cells so that the immune system recognizes them in a timely manner and cannot confuse them with a normal cell, — he summed up.

Earlier it was reported that in Russia it was possible to reduce mortality from cancer by more than 5%.

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