The Pentagon accused Russia of continuing to build up troops near the borders of Ukraine

Russia continues to increase the number of its troops near the border with Ukraine. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said this at a briefing.

“ We are closely monitoring this, and as for the number, I would not now give an assessment of what we see here. But I can say that we continue to see movement, we continue to see an increase in their strength '', & mdash; he said.

According to him, the Russian military leadership is sending “ various types of units that continue to assemble on, or not on, but close to the Ukrainian border. ''

Kirby noted that The United States “ continues to observe with great concern the movements of Russian military units near the border with Ukraine. '' “ We continue to urge Russia to be more transparent about what it does, what its intentions are, what units it places there and for what purpose, '' & mdash; he concluded.

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