The President of Bulgaria called the decision on military assistance to Ukraine dangerous

On May 4, the Bulgarian parliament approved military-technical assistance to Kyiv. In response, the head of state warned that this decision would draw the country into a military conflict. He urged politicians to evaluate the consequences of their statements

Rumen Radev

Deputies' decision to approve military-technical assistance to Ukraine draws Bulgaria into the conflict, President Rumen Radev said, BTA reports. He called such a step dangerous, and the wording “military technical assistance” & mdash; broadly interpreted and risky.

“The war that rages right next to us and which until recently we considered unthinkable requires <…> adequate solutions that do not create risks, but strengthen national security, — Radev said. He urged politicians to make reasonable decisions and “thoroughly evaluate the consequences of their words.”

Everyone who tries to drag Bulgaria into the conflict must be held accountable, the president believes. He called the clashes in Sofia over the supply of weapons to Kyiv unacceptable.

On May 4, the National Assembly of Bulgaria approved the provision of humanitarian, financial and military-technical assistance to Ukraine. In particular, the country will help with the repair of Ukrainian military equipment. There is no talk of arms supplies to Kyiv. Bloomberg at the end of April wrote about disagreements in the ruling coalition of the republic regarding the transfer of weapons to Ukraine. both supporters of sending weapons to Ukraine and those who oppose it. Some protesters are aggressive and clash with each other, BNT notes.

At the end of April, Radev spoke out categorically against military assistance to Ukraine, saying that such supplies would mean Bulgaria's involvement in the conflict. The president also urged politicians to “look at the needy Bulgarians” and then “help the world.” Before that, Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov announced a fundraiser to help Ukraine.

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Bulgaria— parliamentary republic. Prime Minister— the de facto head of the country, the president performs representative functions.

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