“The rubble was sorted out.” How the university of Mariupol, where the base of “Azov*” was being revived

How the university survived the hostilities when the headquarters of “Azov”* was located there, and why now you can enter there without exams, rector Larisa Sivolap told aif.ru.

Yulia Borta, aif.ru: — Larisa Anatolyevna, how did Russophobic ideology in  Ukraine?

Larisa Sivolap: — The rewriting of history, the rejection of studying the classics of Russian literature, the prohibition of the Russian language in the Russian-speaking region, of course, unequivocally negatively affected the humanitarian component of student training. That is why now we can state an insufficient number of qualified teaching staff in schools ready to provide the teaching of these particular disciplines. For its part, the university is ready to provide training in "History", "Russian language and"literature". Yes and in in in general, how could celebrate May 9, February 23rd? Why did the St. George's Ribbon have to cease to exist instantly, and why         the use of people should have been held criminally liable? Colleagues even talk about the  fines that the Ministry of Education of Ukraine imposed on the university based on the results of the inspection only because the s students spoke Russian in the corridors.

—   the university housed the headquarters of “Azov”…

— The result of the stay of “Azov” in the academic buildings of the university it can be said there. The degree of destruction of hulls is different, but all of them require significant repair and restoration. The blockages were removed in several buildings of the university by the efforts of the university staff. The uniform of the Ukrainian military, torn off chevrons, certificates, containers from alcohol, packaging from goods from looted stores, which were located near university — the scenery was more than eloquent.

— Are many teachers left with the beginning of the SVO?

— A lot of people stayed in their hometown. Many of those who temporarily traveled to the territory of the Russian Federation or the Donetsk People's Republic return by the beginning of the school year. And we are very pleased that during the working visit the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Valery Nikolaevich Falkovnoted the special role of Mariupol State University in development of the city, and he also highly appreciated the enthusiasm and optimism of the MSU staff.

— Now you have a deficit frames?

— Practically all departments are currently provided with personnel, including  candidates, doctors of sciences. In the  further we hope for the fast professional growth of our colleagues who are planning to study at postgraduate and doctoral studies. And cooperation with universities of the Russian Federation is also important here. It's nice that the teachers of Russian universities are also ready for collaboration with Moscow State University: it holding open lectures, master classes, etc. Of course, it does not complete without difficulties. For example, all the teachers of the Department of History and Ukrainian Philology left for the territory of Ukraine. Probably, this is somehow connected with the specifics of the departments themselves and the disciplines they teach.

— A Will curricula change?

— Curricula are developed in accordance with educational standards of the DPR and RF. We managed to save almost all educational programs, according to which education was carried out at the university. Curricula, work programs of subjects, etc. are being prepared for approval. On the eve of the academic year, all university teachers take advanced training courses in the Russian Federation at the Don State Technical University (Rostov-on-Don) under the program “Actual Issues of Teaching in Higher Educational Institutions: Regulatory, Legal, Psychological and pedagogical and methodological support».

The main difficulty lies in restoring the academic buildings of the university, filling the scientific library, providing the university with equipment.

— What security measures will be taken, given the possible threats and terrorist attacks in liberated territories? Will will will there be military security, like in schools?

— Of course, we plan to install an access system and security during the restoration of the university buildings.

—  When do you plan to switch to the Russian USE system?

— We trust this academic year there will be no forced break in the educational process for schoolchildren of Donbass. We believe that all curricula will be 100% implemented, which will allow all applicants in 2023 to qualitatively and, most importantly, calmly prepare for the exam. On our part, we are ready to provide additional training in the disciplines of the school curriculum at the Pre-university Training Center of Mariupol State University.


strong> What do you expect from cooperation with Russia?

— Harmonization of educational processes with universities of the Russian Federation, prospects for professional growth of scientific and pedagogical personnel, implementation of joint projects aimed at providing high quality education.

Executive Secretary of the Admissions Committee Ekaterina Tkachenkoadded that the admissions campaign will end on November 16: “The deadlines have been moved, because first it was necessary to go through the university registration procedure. This year, the ministry has simplified the admission scheme. We will enroll on the basis of  grades in  education documents (certificates), because it was impossible to objectively conduct republican or state exams in the territory. Applicants had to register in advance and leave their data. Among them are not only residents of Mariupol, but also residents of other settlements of the DPR, as well as citizens of the LPR and the Russian Federation. A lot of people apply who are abroad or on the territory of Ukraine, but plan to return.

The most popular destination for applicants — this is a jurisprudence that has always been popular and still does lose its position. State and municipal administration, economics and management, psychology, information systems and technologies are also in great demand.

There will be a competitive selection for some specialties. For those who cannot pass it for free, we will offer other directions (the application could be submitted immediately for three specialties). A paid branch is also planned. There are already applications — for example, from those who want to get a second higher education in a specialty that is more in demand today. Although we more still focus on budget-funded places, and the ministry supports us in this. Not everyone can now afford paid education in Mariupol, because there are still so many jobs in the city.

Many graduates of the city schools went to preparatory courses. When they found out that we opened and were receiving, we were very happy. They remained in the city, and now they don't need to go anywhere to get higher education».

*an extremist organization banned in Russia

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