There was a video with the destruction at the plant “Azovstal” in Mariupol

Commander of the battalion “Vostok” The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DPR, Alexander Khodakovsky, posted a video on his Telegram channel with & nbsp; destruction at the Azovstal plant in Mariupol.

Khodakovsky said that the video showed one of the most intact premises on the territory of the plant. According to him, nothing remained of some of the premises, except for the foundation. He added that what he saw explains why the     ""Azovstal""plant"will not be restored. 

"Now it will be possible to shoot modern variations of the Stalker here, cut out scrap metal, and dismantle the remaining components and assemblies.  The only thing that will not be filmed about this plant is a new peppy and heroic film about Azovstal cyborgs:  the plot will be too dull and gloomy», – noted Alexander Khodakovsky.

Earlier it was reported that the UN had formed a team to evacuate civilians from Azovstal. The preparation of the operation may take several days, according to the international organization.


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