This AI-Powered App Makes You the Subject of a Fred again.. Song

You can now generate an endless feed of song titles using Fred again..'s distinct discographic nomenclature—all with the help of artificial intelligence.

If you've ever wondered what being the subject of a Fred again.. song would look like, visit the AI-powered "You as a Fred again.. Song" site. Enter your first name and a selfie, and viola—you too can (spiritually) become a part of Fred's Actual Life 3 universe.

Built by Claire Wang, the programmatic platform applies Fred's signature transparent blue tint to your image and generates a song title with your name, followed by a tongue-in-cheek parenthetical ad-lib.

"You as a Fred again.. Song" was so true to form that even Fred himself couldn't resist the urge to use it. He seemed to find the humor in it all after generating the song title "Fred (Killing Myself)" using Wang's software. She posted Fred's result in a TikTok video, which you can check out below.

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Even Fred himself used Claire Wang's ingenious title generator.

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