Tracknack: How a New Spotify Add-On Offers a Data-Driven Music Discovery Solution

In a world saturated with music, staying on top of the latest releases and discovering emerging artists can oftentimes be a daunting task. Enter Tracknack, a Spotify add-on designed for music enthusiasts seeking a seamless and data-driven music discovery solution.

Tracknack streamlines the process of discovering new music by adding more personalized features in order to transform the Spotify experience. As new music releases each passing week, Tracknack does the heavy lifting and creates a continuously updated playlist based on the artists you've followed.

By effortlessly integrating with Discogs, Tracknack monitors your favorite artists, labels and even credited musicians, like producers and songwriters. This unique feature eliminates the need for tedious searches within Spotify's credits, uncovering hidden gems and surprising collaborations that might escape your notice otherwise.


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Tracknack seamlessly integrates with Spotify, Discogs and ChatGPT to offer curated personalized playlists.

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Tracknack delivers tailored recommendations based on your music preferences, ensuring that, as your taste evolves, you remain up to date with the music most relevant to you. The integration of ChatGPT takes this a step further, providing a weekly newsletter that guides you towards compelling new artists, labels and releases that are catered to your preferences.

Tracknack comes with a free-to-use version, which includes the automatically updated playlist and weekly updates, but allows for up to 10 follows. The full version, which comes at $6 per month (or $5 per month billed annually), offers unlimited follows, custom playlist update intervals, AI recommendations and much more.

Find out more about Tracknack via its website.



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