“Unfortunate thing.” Dutch woman ziganula for a photo at the gates of Auschwitz

The fact that in the events taking place in Ukraine over the past eight years, the West is trying not to notice neo-Nazis is not a secret. The European and American media, being backed by facts, insist – Nazis are a minority, and they do not influence anything. 

“Fun” photo

It's not just that the Ukrainian radicals act as a handy tool. In Europe itself, slowly but surely, the events of 80 years ago are being reviewed. And more and more residents of the European Union are beginning to perceive the Third Reich, if not as an example to follow, then as something funny and fun.

In the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp, which is better known as Auschwitz in the post-Soviet space, 29- summer citizen of the Netherlands. According to the BBC, the lady was caught taking a picture near the sign at the entrance “Arbeit Macht Frei (Work sets you free)”.

For the picture, the Dutch woman joyfully threw her hand up in the Nazi salute. The lady was captured in this form by her husband. The tourist was detained and charged with propaganda of Nazism, for which Poland provides for a punishment of up to two years in prison.

The Dutch lady, however, quickly pleaded guilty, saying that her act was ” bad joke. As a result, a lover of Nazi saluting got off with a fine.

“Spread of Nazism” and “defilement of memory”

According to the most conservative estimates, from 1.1 to 1.6 million people were killed in Auschwitz. Hitler's “factory of death” It worked until January 1945, when the gates of the camp for surviving prisoners were opened by the Red Army.

The museum on the territory of the former concentration camp has existed since 1947 as a reminder of the monstrous tragedy of millions of people and the crimes of the Nazis.

But it works in the & nbsp; XXI & nbsp; century, this is far from being at all. There are those who perceive Auschwitz almost as an amusement attraction. Or as a source of income.

In 2009, the sign with the inscription Arbeit Macht Frei was stolen, cut into three pieces and taken away. The Polish police spent a lot of effort to find the intruders. A company of five Poles simply wanted to make money selling a rarity.

In 2013, two Turkish citizens were detained in the camp, who were photographed with their hands thrown up in a Nazi salute. The case was initiated for “spreading Nazism”; and “defilement of the place of memory.” Both Turks were sentenced to a fine and confiscation of a mobile phone that was used for taking pictures. They were also given a six-month suspended prison sentence. But this case, it seems, did not enlighten anyone.

The Red Army was erased from history

It is difficult to fight for the truth if it is blurred at the official level. In January 2020, when the 75th anniversary of the release of prisoners was celebrated, Russian representatives were on the sidelines of the event, and the soloists were the President of Poland Dudaand the President of Ukraine Zelensky.

“Soldiers of the Ukrainian Front released seven thousand prisoners who were in this terrible place. The people who suffered terribly here. It is impossible to imagine. But thanks to the heroism of the soldiers, they were saved, & raquo;, — said the head of Poland. There was no mention of whose army the front belonged to.

Ukrainian President Zelenskiy started by blaming … Soviet Union: “Poland and the Polish people were the first to feel the collusion of totalitarian regimes. This led to the outbreak of World War II and enabled the Nazis to set in motion the deadly flywheel of the Holocaust. Then the head of Ukraine weeded out the Ukrainian liberators of Auschwitz from soldiers of other nationalities: “We will never forget Igor Pobirchenko, the commander of the T-34 tank, who, together with the crew, was the first to break the gates of Auschwitz; all the soldiers of the shock battalion of the 100th Lviv division, who entered the camp under the leadership of a Poltava resident of Jewish origin Anatoly Shapiro. Together with the fighters of the 322nd division of the 1st Ukrainian Front, the camp was liberated».

The Ukrainian president did not mention the Red Army at all. 

Condemnation of the winners

In September 2019, the European Parliament adopted a resolution “On the Importance of Preserving Historical Memory for the Future of Europe”, which places equal blame on Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union for unleashing World War II. This document has become the next in a series of similar ones adopted in Europe over the past decade and a half. The authors of the resolution argued that the crimes of Nazism were condemned by the Nuremberg Tribunal, and the actions of the Stalinist regime require a “moral assessment and legal investigation”.

In fact, it is stated that Nazism has long been punished, but Soviet totalitarianism has yet to be subjected to a similar punishment. Presenting an account to Russia as the legal successor of the USSR.

Thus, those who created the “death camps” and those who put an end to them are put on the same level. Which, in turn, paves the way for the rehabilitation of European collaborators of all stripes – they, they say, were simply forced to choose between two evils.

Tips – evil, but Hitler is funny?

If you look at modern European articles and publications about the Second World War, then there the liberation of European countries by the Red Army is seen as a new occupation. At the same time, the Germans are spoken of in a sympathetic tone. And it would be okay only about ordinary Germans – even Hitlerin books and films appears not as a source of evil, but as a funny, almost comical character. In Germany itself, such moods are still running into resistance from the systems of state opposition to right-wing radicalism built up over decades. But in countries that consider themselves victims of Nazi aggression, there are no deterrent factors.

Modern neo-Nazis go to Ukraine, where they fight on the side of Kiev as part of the Azov regiment, as well as nationalist formations. Those who are more careful zigue in Auschwitz. And something tells me that the case with the Dutch lover of gestures is far from the last.

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