Unfriendly Russia: the situation with foreign visas is becoming more and more deplorable

What is now “to get out of wide pants”…

Recently, the Russian authorities have expanded the list of unfriendly countries. Of the latter, tourist Greece, Slovenia, Croatia, the Bahamas got there …

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In response, the rest of European unfriendly countries (at the moment there are only about 50 of them) said that in this situation, the issue of issuing Schengen visas to Russians would also be a big question. And in general, it is possible that international passports with the coat of arms of the Russian Federation will soon be outlawed throughout Europe.

And then what? And then Europe is likely to face a crisis in the tourism sector. For some countries, such as Greece and Spain, whose economy is mainly based on tourism and Russian tourism – generous and unrestrained, this decision could be fatal. So who will go to them now? The rest of the EU neighbors, in general, have no time for travel this year, they need to prepare for the cold winter.

It turns out that entire industries are dying, and so breathing their last after the coronavirus, and no one cares. And what about Russia? In Russia, only about 20 million people have passports, and now they will finally be able to see other countries – North Korea, for example, Iran, Afghanistan … Whatever you say, but exotic.

Which are not at all unfriendly to us, but very much the opposite.

Rumors spread after yesterday some Finnish parties, for pre-election and opportunistic purposes, and hatred of Russia today is “sold” very well, demanded to immediately stop issuing permission to Russians to enter their state. Although they already allowed it after a two-year pandemic break just two weeks ago – from July 15. Now, as they say, visas in the same St. Petersburg to the Finns are issued one-time and no more than ten days. Although, perhaps, these are also rumors, acquaintances in Moscow received as much as 30 days, which by today's standards is five years before. And now unfriendly Greece, which used to meet ours with open arms, does not give at all.

At the same time, the Russian authorities announced that unfriendly does not mean that tourists cannot travel in them. It’s just that the number of employees of consulates and embassies will be significantly reduced, hence the queues at the visa centers will increase … But the unfriendly ones were still offended and struck back.

Of course, if the passports of the Russian Federation in Europe are recognized as invalid, even those with who is now worth the long-term Schengen.

In response, of course, we will also promise some terrible measures. But in general, we cannot influence the process in any way. If they want to forbid entry, then they will.

Peskov, however, expressed the hope that these ill-considered plans of the Europeans would not reach practical application. They will not cut the branches on which they sit. And without that, tourist trips abroad fell over 70%. But even if everything remains as it is now, it's all very, very sad.

And I remembered the date that everyone suddenly forgot about in a commotion and general hatred.

Four years ago, just In July, the FIFA World Cup ended in Russia. The last, probably, such a large-scale and open event of this level (the Olympics in Japan and China in anti-covid “bubbles” and with numerous restrictions are not taken into account).

The whole world then came to visit us. The streets of Moscow and other cities where the matches were held were full of happy, laughing crowds, Russian policemen (!!!), as it turned out, can sincerely smile and speak English (they said that they were specially taught both).

Foreigners entered here without visas, based only on fan-IDs, fan cards issued on a computer, and nothing, the country did not collapse, sovereignty was not damaged.

At nights we walked along a free and joyful Moscow, took selfies with complete strangers, lying on the cobblestones of Red Square, realizing that here it is – the 21st century. Beautiful far. And we live in it.

The biggest problem then was the guests from distant Nigeria, who came to Russia in tens of thousands and were then caught for another year and a half. And they were sent back. But also calm.

And then a new reality came. Where everyone is unfriendly to each other. And no one knows what will happen next.

How to return to that beautiful summer of 2018?

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