United Russia cleared about 15 million people from the base of supporters

United Russia has completed the purge of its mobilization base. At some point, the number of supporters contained in it fell from 25 million to about 10 million. The party also introduced a KPI for deputies at all levels by the number of supporters

The results of the purge

“United Russia” completed the purge of the mobilization base of supporters. The party's plans to clean up and renew it became known in February. As RBC reported, United Russia analyzed the state of the party base of supporters and came to the conclusion that it contained a large number of people (about 50%) who were considered disloyal in the party or their data was outdated. Sources of “Kommersant” they said that in the database there were only about 40% of those who are loyal to United Russia.

The cleaning of the base was completed in June, and at some point the number of supporters contained in it fell from 25 million people to about 10 million, a source in United Russia told RBC. and one of the deputies from the United Russia. That is, the list was reduced by two and a half times.

Removed those “in whose data there were at least some doubts— phone number, date of birth, etc.,” one of the interlocutors clarified. There were no those left in the base who were considered disloyal in the party,— a special program analyzed social networks, and if it was found that one of the supporters on the list liked, for example, Alexei Navalny, then such people were also deleted.

At present, the party has begun to increase the number of supporters. By the presidential elections in 2024, the task is to increase their number to 30 million people, sources told RBC.

Technology testing

Now United Russia is testing technologies to mobilize voters for the elections. To do this, the party has chosen four pilot regions where election campaigns are taking place: Udmurtia, Sakhalin, Krasnodar Territory (here on a single voting day on September 11 elections of legislative assemblies will be held) and Omsk (there is a campaign for city council elections). Udmurtia, Sakhalin and Omsk are chosen as difficult territories for United Russia, Krasnodar Territory— on the contrary, as a region that gives consistently high results.

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According to the head of the central executive committee of “United Russia” Alexander Sidyakin, who is responsible for updating the mobilization base, if in the country as a whole the party annually rotates about 10% of the secretaries of the primary branches, then in the four indicated territories “this figure exceeds 50%”: “That is, half of the primary branches in these regions were led by new people, with a new vision of how the work should be built, with new approaches within the framework of common tasks.

The technologies used to attract supporters are different: for example, in Sakhalin, volunteers or members of primary branches can bypass citizens, asking them if they use electronic medical services, says regional United Russia. If so, then people are interested in what is missing. When the issue is resolved, the person is called and asked if he is satisfied. That is, there are “touches” with voters. People are always asked if they have agreed to the processing of personal data, and in case of a positive answer, such people are entered into the base of supporters, explains the interlocutor of RBC.

“We proceed from the fact that if a person has consented to the processing data, then he allows himself the opportunity to vote for the party,»— explains another source in United Russia.

Voters are asked whether they were ready to interact actively with the party. For example, you could invite them to rallies or other events. Depending on the answer, they are recorded in the "active" or “inactive”. Closer to the elections, all such citizens will be offered to vote for United Russia.

Similar approaches are also used in other areas: meetings of candidates for deputies with citizens, the implementation of party projects, etc., party interlocutors say.

According to the results of the September 11 elections, the technologies that proved to be the most successful will be adopted in the future.

KPI for deputies

At the same time, the base of supporters is being updated in all other regions. For deputies of all levels, a KPI has been defined for attracting supporters, which they must fulfill before the end of the year, a source in the party and one of the deputies from the United Russia said. For single-mandate deputies of the State Duma, KPI is 1,500 people, for those on the list— 500. For deputies of legislative assemblies elected by districts, & mdash; 500 people, for listers— 300. As for the deputies of the City Duma, each single-mandate member must attract 150 supporters, the list of & mdash; 50.

The exceptions are deputies who regularly visit the LPR, DPR and the territories of Kherson, Zaporozhye and Kharkov regions under Russian control— they are “not strictly asked”, says one of RBC's interlocutors.

When asked by RBC how the party controls that the people whose data is entered into the mobilization base really exist and they are loyal supporters of United Russia, Sidyakin said that the party constantly maintains “in one form or another a dialogue with such voters.” ;: “Within the framework of party projects, measures to control the implementation of the people's program, meetings with” primary organizations “, thematic surveys, etc. That is, we are in constant communication with people, we understand that these are real people, we receive feedback from them.

According to one of the United Russia members, there is a whole range of measures by which the party checks the reality of certain supporters. Suppose, if someone entered the data of people of exclusively retirement age, then it is very likely that the Pension Fund database was used (such cases were recorded during the audit preceding the cleaning of the database, RBC reported). “We spot-check the profiles of supporters in social networks for the existence of people included in the database, we look, they did not write down the addresses in a row from the same street, which raises questions. In each suspicious case, we begin to find out [and ask questions to those who entered this data into the database]”, — says a source in the party.

Completely the methods of verification and control in the “United Russia” do not open.

The database records “where it came from” this or that supporter, during which particular events he was listed. “We see who this person is, we see his digital footprint. Manufacturability is that we can address people directly, & mdash; if we have a person aged 60+, then we need one approach to him. If a supporter got into our bases through the “Young Guard”— another»,— explains the interlocutor of RBC.

“The bases work in so far as”

During the inter-election period, the base of supporters can be used for, for example, sending congratulations & mdash; a person is pleased, says political scientist Alexei Makarkin. True, in this case it is important to understand that “people are not eternal, and if a person has not been alive for three years, and postcards are coming, then relatives may be offended.” There are also people, mostly elderly, who want to protect their interests with the help of the party— in Soviet times, such people wrote to newspapers, the expert continues.

“During the period of election campaigns, these databases work insofar as, because the person [who agreed to the processing of personal data and was included in the base of supporters] does not assume any obligations,” — says Makarkin. The base, of course, can be used to send out invitations to elections by fan, but basically during mobilization, the emphasis is on working with people at their place of residence, “when it’s not an abstract person from the party who calls for participation in the elections, but, say, the chairman of the local council veterans, your boss, that is, some people who can influence a person’s decision,” the expert continues.

Therefore, in general, the base is needed in order to show how many supporters United Russia has. that this, they say, is not a party of officials, but millions of people stand behind it, with whom United Russia maintains feedback, Makarkin states. He draws an analogy with the CPSU, which at one time had almost 20 million party members: “This was intended to demonstrate domestically and in the West that the CPSU— people's party. It was specially emphasized what percentage of workers, women, and so on, & mdash; the expert says.

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