Universities have classified the data of children of SVO participants

Higher educational institutions have classified the data of applicants who enter under a special quota for children of participants in a special operation in Ukraine, Kommersant writes.

It is specified that all applicants are identified by full name or SNILS number, however, the children of the participants in the special operation were assigned a special number that would not allow their personal data to be disclosed.

A member of one selection committee suggested that this was done in order to make it impossible to calculate the data of their relatives who are participating in hostilities.

Recall that on May 9, Russian leader Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the provision of a special quota for admission to universities for the children of parents participating in a special operation. It will amount to 10% of the total number of state-funded places in higher educational institutions.

Yes,  420 state-funded places for children of participants in a special military operation have been allocated in universities near Moscow.

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