Vertical movement. What’s new in metropolitan schools?

On the first of September, every student takes a step towards new knowledge. But in metropolitan education is not limited to experience already gained, but make school life even more diverse. found out what has never been before, and will appear in 2022/2023 academic year.

Sports and space classes

Every year the city invites schoolchildren to enroll in  classes of different directions — from                          Pre-vocational training projects can be found in every district of Moscow. School teachers, lecturers from leading Russian universities, educational technology support centers work with children, and the resources of all network institutions of the Moscow Department of Education and Science are also used. From 1 September 2022  eight general education organizations are joining the sports class in Moscow school» project.

It is designed for students of 10-11th grades. Teachers and  university lecturers undertake to help grow success in  sports and  motivate high school students to learn professions in the field of physical education and sports. spoke with principal of school No 1251 named after General Charles de Gaulle Tatyana Kravets, where the project comes from September. The cooperation of this educational institution with young athletes will not start from a clean slate. «The new project starts in  Moscow from tomorrow, but it is based on traditions that were established many years ago — explained director.                              ) Having entered a sports school, the guys conducted training there, and for knowledge in general disciplines they came to school No. 1251. By the way, in the last academic year, three graduates received medals for their excellent studies. Now, thanks to participation in the“Sports Class” they will not only prepare for victories in sports and get strong knowledge of school subjects. We signed an agreement with Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sports, Youth and Tourism to show high school students professions that exist both in the field of physical education and sports, and in related fields — for example, sports journalism, sports medicine and etc. d.».

From September, the number of schools with pre-professional classes will increase. And for the first time, space classes will open (this will happen in 29 schools, among partners —Roskosmos and the best universities) and aircraft building (they will work in 9 schools, partners will be MAI and Rostec).

34 talking important

On September 5, the project “Conversations about the important” starts. On  Monday mornings in all educational institutions of the capital will begin with a solemn ceremony of raising the State Flag of the Russian Federation, after which schoolchildren will talk with class teachers about the history, culture of our country, etc. e. The topics and content of the classes are determined taking into account the age of the students. “Talking about important” —  unusual study session, — underline Deputy Head of the Moscow Department of Education and Science Anton Molev. — This is a space for communication built on trust and mutual respect. Here there should be no place for dogmatism and moralizing. But such a dialogue is designed to make the guys think about moral values, the key ethical issues embedded in each of themes of this course».

The first topic of the cycle of extracurricular activities “Conversations about important” will be “Knowledge Day”. In September and October, the guys will discuss topics dedicated to the anniversary of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Day of the Elderly, Music Day, Teacher's Day, Father's Day and holidays. During the academic year, it is planned to conduct 34 lessons. One of the  main tools for effectively organizing “Conversations about important” will become the “Moscow Electronic School”.

“In the modern world of computer technology, children have countless sources of information. However, the schoolchild cannot always correctly evaluate their quality and reliability, considers the class teacher of the 11th grade of the school № 1529 named after. A. S. Griboedova Andrey Ezhkov. — It is the school that should become the cultural space that will allow you to set the right and correct guidelines for the child. According to the teacher, conversations on the topics of morality, politics, the world situation, of course, are not simple. A large methodological base created within the framework of the project will help to build a dialogue with the guys.

The project is launched by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. Regional Operator in the  — Moscow Center "Patriot.Sport" on the centre's website.

Catch gaps in knowledge in time

But  and these innovations are not limited . For for example, in MES section Study” the “Results” tab has been added, where you can see the full picture of the current learning results in all subjects and themes: the average grade for the subject, the grade for each topic, and the overall dynamics. In the new section "Diagnostics" it became possible to receive the results of an independent assessment of the level of knowledge, which is regularly carried out in the schools of the capital. The overall picture of mastering the educational material will give a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the child's preparation and fill in the knowledge gaps in a timely manner. And to save parents from excessive paperwork, the consent to participation of the child in field events will be transferred to electronic format.

In the 2022/2023 academic year, the city will carry out a planned replacement of laptops for all Moscow teachers, including primary school teachers. Old school laptops can be used in the learning process at their own discretion. Starting from this year, all educational institutions of the capital (including elementary school) will have WI-FI. The planned replacement of monoblocks in computer classes will continue. Monoblock — this is a type of computer in which the screen and the system unit are combined. “The new monoblocks will allow me and my students to take on” the study of more serious topics in the  world of computer science, — says school information teacher im. V. V. Mayakovsky Roman Ushakov. — Today information technology — this is one of the main directions of development of modern education. And technical equipment is very important for the development of the school in this area. When conditions are created, learning becomes a joy for children. They are more willing to work in lessons and show better results. My students have their own bold ideas, interesting projects. I'm sure they'll be happy to try implement them».

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