Watch Dillon Francis Endure Hilarious Fantasy Football Punishment In An IHOP

We suspect Dillon Francis won't be returning to IHOP anytime soon.

After coming in last place in his fantasy football league, the superstar DJ and dance music producer headed to the breakfast chain to serve a punishment that pushed his appetite to its limits.

Francis was sentenced to spend 24 hours in IHOP for a punishment whose timeframe could only be reduced by eating pancakes. For every flapjack he consumed, Francis could effectively scale down his punishment by one hour.

The supersized pancakes withered Francis' initial sense of confidence, but he was dogged in his fight to shave time off the clock. Documenting his efforts in a TikTok video, he is seen passing the painful hours in-between helpings by napping perusing miscellaneous YouTube tutorials.

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Dillon Francis shared his painful, eight-hour experience wolfing down 16 supersized pancakes.

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Still, keeping his eye on the prize, Francis wolfed down an impressive 16 pancakes in eight hours. Cleaning his plate for the last time, he shared some final choice words for Russell Wilson of the Denver Broncos, whom we suspect he'll think twice about drafting again after a dismal 2023 season that began with the quarterback signing a massive five-year, $245 million contract.

You can check out Francis' video below and follow on TikTok here.

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