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This year, the Organizing Committee of the #MYVMESTE International Award has introduced a new nomination «#WE TOGETHER with Donbass». It will select the best initiatives related to improving the well-being of the residents of Donbass and the liberated territories of Ukraine.

«To the volunteers of our country — new challenge, — said during the meeting of the organizing committee First Deputy Head of the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation Sergey Kiriyenkoduring the meeting of the Organizing Committee. — Rendering assistance to internally displaced persons from Donetsk and People's Republics Lugansk. More than 73,000 people have been involved in helping refugees. volunteers. Over 22.5 thousand — work in temporary accommodation centers. In general, 80 regional headquarters of #MYVMESTE operate in the country, 942 collection centers for humanitarian aid and 522 temporary accommodation centers have been opened, where migrants are received.

One of the key areas of the national project “Education”  — creation of conditions for the development and support of volunteering and volunteering. In Russia there are already more than 10 million volunteers. Among them, a prize is drawn, which helps to popularize volunteering.

The winners of the Prize will be announced at the  International Civic Participation Forum #MYVMESTE, which will be held in December. And that and last year became the winners of the Our Contribution Award.

All-Russian social project of early career guidance for schoolchildren “Green Tassel” lays the first bricks in training of environmental engineers, geologists and occupational safety specialists. Here, children are taught a responsible attitude to the environment, to appreciate the safety of their own and loved ones. “Green Tassel” meets the goals and objectives of two national projects at once — “Education” and "Ecology". The project has already acquired a federal scale: more than 13 000 schoolchildren from 18 regions of Russia took part in its lessons.

Project organizer Vera Kuzubovasays: “The project was inspired by a small exhibition of children's drawings, which took place in Crimea in 2016 . I  understood how to explain complex things to children in simple words, how to popularize among children the important and  in-demand profession of  environmental engineer” Instructions for traffic safety, internet security, first aid, fire safety — all this is adapted by the organizers of the project to children's perception. Children receive serious and vital knowledge in the form of a game. One of the  stages of the project — the educational module “Green Lines”, which allows children with disabilities to receive the same knowledge in a format adapted to their abilities.

Created by the Association of Communicators in the field of education and science, the project “People of Science” — this is the only open aggregator portal in Russia where scientists look for volunteers, and volunteers find interesting research. Participants can collect and analyze data, such as photographing plants or making notes about phenomena, and transcribing texts. Scientific volunteering — a modern and extremely popular way to popularize science among adults and children. Nothing like this platform existed in the country. 3 1.5 years, with the help of the expert community and involved partners, two online platforms, methodological materials for the implementation of activities were developed. In 2021 the project "People of Science" became the winner of the award “For & nbsp; fidelity to science” in nomination "Best Online Project". In that same year, the project became a finalist for the #WeTogether award.

The “Special Case” project created to support families with disabled children. The project participants create and distribute high-quality video content of special adapted activities for children, and also try to look for opportunities to provide financial assistance to families so that they can safely educate children with developmental disabilities. To & nbsp; the creation of the project "Special Case" prompted the need to provide urgent pedagogical, psychological, organizational and material assistance during the period of self-isolation. 570 special adapted lessons have already been filmed, more than 1 & nbsp; 570 individual online classes have been conducted, more than 30 & nbsp; children from remote regions of the Perm Territory have received targeted psychological & mdash; pedagogical support.

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