We Came Up With Bizarre Descriptions of DJs—Then Used Artificial Intelligence to Bring Them to Life

There's nothing that blurs the line between frightening and fascinating quite like artificial intelligence.

And since artificial intelligence and electronic music are becoming more symbiotic by the day, the staff here at EDM.com wanted to see just how far it could go in a visual sense. So we came up with bizarre descriptions of artists and fed them through A.I. art generators.

Some images are photorealistic. Others are fancifully distorted. And the majority of them are flat-out creepy.

But we digress. Read on to see our weird and wonderful creations.


"TOKiMONSTA DJing in a neon sky arcade with golden canaries" by Jason Heffler.


"REZZ DJ as painted by Salvador Dalí" by Nick Yopko.


"Flume creating his latest album in a psychedelic jungle" by Koji Aiken.

Martin Garrix

"Martin Garrix in his studio at the top of a cyberpunk skyscraper" by Konstantinos Karakolis.


"CloZee DJs underwater with neon jellyfish" by Shakiel Mahjouri.

Charlotte de Witte

“Charlotte de Witte DJing in a hurricane of music” by Tessa Frey.


"TroyBoi DJing inside a technicolor candy shop rave" by Carlie Belbin.

Lane 8

"Lane 8 DJing on top of a giant mushroom" by Mikala Lugen.

Daft Punk

"Daft Punk baking a cake on the moon" by Jarett Lopez.

DJ Diesel

“Shaq DJing at the base of an active volcano site with lightning in the sky” by Cameron Sunkel.

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Marc Rebillet

"Marc Rebillet in a robe in Manhattan singing to a sea of psychedelic flamingos" by Leah McClure.

Porter Robinson

Porter Robinson DJing deep in the ocean while gasping for the last sight of sky" by Grecco Costamagna.


“Mija DJing in a post-apocalyptic, punk rock cyberpunk dystopian rave” by Brian Rapaport.

Calvin Harris

"Calvin Harris playing piano on a rowboat in outer space" by Kyle B. Jones.


"Inside of a tropical coconut, Kygo plays a glittery piano surrounded by glowing flamingos" by Brooke Bierman.

Dillon Francis

"Dillon Francis and a colorful piñata walking through a futuristic cityscape" - by Lennon Cihak.

Aphex Twin

Perhaps no artist is more fitting for this A.I. endeavor than the iconic Aphex Twin, whose metaphysically madcap aesthetic chills the collective spine of the music industry to this day. So we had a little too much fun.

"Aphex Twin creating his own twisted synthesizer in a dystopian depraved hellscape surrounded by strange dark followers" by Saad Masood.

"Aphex twin performs in a dystopian depraved hellscape for a crowd of dark souls" by Saad Masood

Editor's Note: The images in this article were generated using Wonder and Dream by WOMBO.

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