What can a garage be taken away for?

“Arguments and Facts” Weekly No. 24. With the use of bladed weapons 06/15/2022

The neighbor says that now, according to the law, they can take away a garage or car- place, if there is a mess. How so? This is my property!

O. Kudrin, Zvenigorod

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— Nothing will be taken away  From 1 September the amendments to the Civil Code will come into force, according to which it is allowed to forcibly redeem garages and parking spaces from owners for use of not as as   —      explains lawyer Guzel Zhubanova. — Misuse can be understood as littering, organizing a business point, including i h. if the owner systematically violates the rights and interests of neighbors. I think that storing a bicycle will not cause questions, but it will no longer be possible to arrange a warehouse. But most importantly, first you should be given a warning and  call to clean up the mess. And only if you ignore this warning, a decision (subject to its approval by the court) is possible on compulsory sale of a parking space from public auction. The proceeds, minus the costs of the execution of the court decision, will be paid to the owner of the premises.

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