What health problems need to be addressed before mobilization?

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Living in a big city, people are used to the fact that health problems can be solved at any moment. And most often they are shelved — after all, at any time you can buy painkillers or make an appointment with a paid doctor. A number of small problems does not interfere with life at all. However, after leaving a large city after mobilization, the situation can change dramatically. We tell you what health problems can be solved before it's too late.


If there are some vision problems, it is better to go to the doctor and have it checked. It is not necessary to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist — this can be done in large chain stores where they order spectacle frames. In the conditions of the city, a slight myopia or farsightedness is not particularly terrible — some even manage to drive a car with such defects. However, in the field, eye problems can interfere with daily duties.

If you wear lenses, it's time to stock up on a pair of — the most reliable and durable. It is impossible to take lenses in the field — the risk of infection in the eyes when putting on and taking off is too great. 

The operation to restore vision and other things related to the physical impact on the eye should not be rushed. Remember that within two months after it, physical activity, even running, is contraindicated. The eyes will be grateful if they are supported in advance with drops to restore the cornea and strengthen blood vessels. 


If you don't visit the dentist regularly, now is the time. A snapshot of the jaw will allow you to understand where there are “difficult places” that can manifest themselves. For example, if a wisdom tooth climbs in the field, this can lead to sad consequences, among which insomnia from pain is not the worst. If it is possible to remove it from “his” doctor, do it right now. 

A little time is taken by a small filling — now it is carried out without any problems and consequences. Professional teeth cleaning will prevent the appearance of tartar for some time, even if there is no particular place to brush your teeth. If you have a tooth that causes concern from time to time, it's time to stop drinking painkillers and get the problem solved by a doctor.

Nose and ears

A stuffy nose in the field can be a real hell. If it is easy to buy drops in the city, there will hardly be pharmacies at the front at every turn. If there is a tendency to stuffy nose with the most trifling cold, it is worth visiting an otolaryngologist — he will prescribe remedies or give a small injection to improve the functioning of the vessels in the nose.

Hearing loss in front-line conditions is an unpleasant business. Even if everything is in order with the ears, clean the traffic jams, it won’t hurt. 


In the field, the skin, accustomed to the greenhouse conditions of the city, will suffer especially hard. Good healing agents, moisturizers will reduce the level of discomfort. If there are small wounds, ulcers, burrs on the body, they must be removed as soon as possible, preferably — by seeking help from a professional. 

Other medicines

Before the fees, you need to think about what medicines you use daily, what — once a month, which — once a year. It is worth stocking up on regularly used drugs for a period of at least three months, if finances allow — you can take more stock. Try to remember the weaknesses of your health — for example, many people easily get a sore throat at the slightest hypothermia, someone's legs are easily rubbed or their joints hurt when the weather changes. Imagine that you are on a camping trip and think through everything you need in this case. The universal composition of the first-aid kit — patches, enterosgel or activated charcoal, miramistin or chlorhexdine, painkillers, quick cures for colds. If you take vitamins, take them with you, strong immunity will not hurt. In addition, military food does not always contain a complete set of necessary substances, it is worth taking a box of multivitamins with you, which will save your health. Do not take a course of antibiotics before mobilization — they significantly weaken the immune system. If you are afraid of introducing an infection into shallow wounds, take local antibiotics with you, for example, Levomekol ointment. 

If there are body features associated with cardiovascular pathologies, the digestive system, blood vessels, stock up on medicines for this , think about how you can prevent the development of the disease. Remember how you endure stress and what helps in this case.

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