What is known about the lawsuit against Starbucks for discrimination against white citizens?

The leadership of the Starbucks coffee chain is accused of discriminating against citizens with white skin color when hiring. The lawsuit against Starbucks CEO Howard Schultzand the rest of the management was filed by the American Civil Rights”Project” (ACR). This was reported in a press release from the Washington-based National Center for Public Policy Research (NCPPR) — one of Starbucks shareholders.

The notice notes that ACR filed suit on behalf of NCPPR. The statement alleges that Starbucks' policies violate Washington state and federal civil rights laws. The lawsuit was filed to prevent Starbucks employees and directors from continuing to pursue a policy of racial discrimination and hold them responsible for the harm that their actions caused to shareholders.

What racial discrimination is the Starbucks management accused of?

NCPPR Free Enterprise Project (FEP) Project Director. Scott Shepardsaid that Starbucks executives have set goals for coffee shops on the number of  variety» employees, then there are workers with skin color other than white. For  the fulfillment of these indicators, employees of the management of institutions are paid remuneration.

Shepard believes that such a policy — this is “direct racial discrimination” because all US citizens have the same civil rights. And employment not in according skills and experience, but on racial ethnicity violates these civil rights.


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