What is known about the participant in the assault on the palace of Amin Alexander Plyusnin?

On June 13, it became known about the death of Alexander Plyusnin, a former commando who participated in the assault on the Taj Beck Palace in Kabul in 1979. Plyusnin played a key role in the operation that killed the Afghan dictator Hafizullah Amin*.

Alexander Plyusnin. Photo: alphagroup.ru/

On December 27, 1979, special forces of the State Security Committee and the Armed Forces of the USSR took control of a number of strategic facilities in Kabul, including the Taj Beck Palace.

In the International Association of Veterans of the anti-terror unit “Alpha” reported that for the first time Plyusnin's role in the storming of the palace was told in December 2009 — on the eve of the 30th anniversary of the start of the Afghan war.

Who is Alexander Plyusnin?

Alexander Nikolaevich Plyusnin — master of sports of the USSR, multiple champion of the KGB of the USSR in sambo, former employee of the Alpha group.

Plyusnin served in the Black Sea Fleet, in the only diving school in the Soviet Union.

In 1969, he was sent to the Red Banner Caspian Flotilla, to the school of combat swimmers. Arriving in Moscow in 1972, he could not get into the service in the GRU Navy due to the lack of a Moscow residence permit. He got a job at ZIL, worked as a welder.

At the end of 1974, he was admitted to the Ninth Directorate of the KGB of the USSR, but soon moved to the unit for combating international terrorism. In Group “A” Plyusnin was listed as a senior shift foreman at the Luch Research Institute.

In 1978, he was in Cuba, where a group of combat swimmers ensured the safety of official delegations located on the ships of our fleet, chartered to accommodate the delegates of the XI World Festival of Youth and Students in Havana.

In March 1979, he flew to Afghanistan. Together with other employees of Group “A” provided bodyguards for the Soviet ambassador, a KGB resident, and also worked in several provinces.

In 1979, he participated in Operation Storm-333, during which Hafizullah Amin was killed — General Secretary of the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan.

«Alexander Plyusnin was among the fighters of the Thunder” (“Alpha”) and “Zenith”, who fought on the second floor of the Taj Beck. And, finally, with a fragment of a grenade that Plyusnin threw, and Amin was mortally wounded, — noted on the website of the International Association of Veterans of the Alpha Division.

Plyusnin was awarded the Order of the Red Banner, and the operation itself preceded the beginning of the participation of Soviet troops in the Afghan war of 1979-1989.

Plyusnin left the authorities in 1982 with the rank of senior lieutenant. After his dismissal, he worked at the factory as a welder. Then he got a job in the security service of a hotel.

*Hafizullah Amin — Afghan statesman, political and party leader, Minister of Foreign Affairs (1978-1979), Minister of Defense, Prime Minister and Chairman of the Revolutionary Council of Afghanistan (1979). Came to power on September 16, 1979, deposing and then killing his predecessor Taraki. Under Amin, terror unfolded in the country not only against the Islamists, but also against members of the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) and former supporters of Taraki. 



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