What kind of artillery is used by the RF Armed Forces during the special operation? infographics

Plot Special operation of the Russian Federation in Donbass and Ukraine

In the reports of the Russian Ministry of Defense on the progress of the special operation in Ukraine, one can regularly read about “counter-battery combat”. By such a struggle is meant artillery fire from closed positions (out of direct line of sight) at approximately the same closed positions of enemy artillery. To figure out where these very positions are, both sides use unmanned aerial vehicles and counter-battery radars. The latter track the trajectory of enemy shells, and their hardware complex processes the data and gives the crews of guns and MLRS launchers the coordinates on which to fire.

To conduct counter-battery combat and in general to strike at enemy positions, the Rocket Forces and Artillery and the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have a wide arsenal of means. These are operational-tactical missile systems, and cannon artillery, and multiple launch rocket systems.

See in the aif.ru infographic what weapons the Missile Forces and artillery of the Ground Forces of the Russian Federation have at their disposal.

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