What kind of high-precision aircraft missiles “305” were used in Ukraine?

Plot Russian special operation in Donbass and Ukraine

The Russian Aerospace Forces of Russia in Ukraine used high-precision aircraft missiles «305». New weapons are used to destroy important objects of the enemy troops — warehouses with ammunition and fuel and lubricants, according to a source.


New light multi-purpose guided missiles «305» provide high accuracy of hitting targets with a deviation from the target of no more than two meters. They are designed to destroy both moving and stationary targets at any time of the day. The missile ensures the defeat of single and group fixed and moving ground and surface heat-contrasting objects, as well as sheltered and openly located enemy manpower.

The range of the rocket is up to 14.5 thousand m. Its starting weight & mdash; 105 kilograms, the weight of the fragmentation-flood combat unit & mdash; 25 kilograms, which allows you to hit both enemy manpower and armored and lightly armored targets. The speed with which it flies to the target is about 250 meters per second. The flight altitude is from 100 to 600 meters.

The rocket was developed at the Kolomna Design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering (KBM). It is built according to the “duck” aerodynamic scheme, the rudders are located in the head of the rocket, and the folding wings, which also serve as a stabilizer, are located in the tail section of the rocket body. 


In the Russian army, they began to be called “smart”; missiles. On “Product 305” there is a combined control system that includes guidance with correction from satellite navigation equipment and homing under the control of the seeker with the possibility of operator participation. 

The new rocket has various control modes of ammunition & mdash; there are only three of them. For example, the option “fired — forgot”: the target is captured by the optoelectronic homing head (GOS). The warhead captures the enemy's target while still on the helicopter's suspension. After the shot, the ammunition is completely autonomous, and the pilot can forget about the missile launch.

Another option — telecontrol mode, when the launch is carried out according to the transmitted coordinates. At that moment, when the rocket flies up to the object chosen for impact, the homing head turns on. The image is transmitted to the cabin to the weapon operator. He himself already indicates the shell where he is to fall.

And the last one, in which the infrared homing head detects targets that are not visible to the pilot from the cockpit, clearly determines what kind of targets they are, and hits them.

Helicopter with “Product 305” may not enter the air defense coverage area, but at the same time hit targets. 

Verification and battle

ammunition is intended for the Mi-28NM and KA-52M, however, it is allowed to adapt to other combat vehicles. On the tests of the & laquo rocket; the product 305 & raquo;, specially designed for Mi-28NM & Laquo helicopters; night hunter & raquo;, reported in May 2021. It was clarified that the helicopter can simultaneously carry up to four cruise missiles with a maximum range of 100 km. Rocket “Product 305” with a combined guidance system is being tested in Syria from a standard carrier.

Earlier it was said that state tests of the modernized Ka-52M combat helicopter with the new long-range cruise missile “Izdeliye 305” should be completed by October 2022.


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