What kind of Stormer HVM missile systems were handed over to Ukraine?

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Great Britain donated five Stormer HVM anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) to Kyiv. The first British Stormer HVMs have already arrived in Ukraine. It was also reported that hundreds of Starstreak missiles were delivered for the complexes.

How they work

Stormer HVM — these are small armored cars with launch systems for surface-to-air missiles installed on them; Starstreak. They began to be produced back in the 1970s, and guided anti-aircraft missiles were put on them in 1986.

Stormer HVM. Photo: Commons.wikimedia.org


These air defense systems can be armed with surface-to-air missiles type Starstreak with laser beam guidance. These missiles can be launched not only from a caterpillar installation, but also from a portable one, like the Stinger. Unlike the American counterpart, Starstreak has a multiple warhead that hits the target with three fragmentation projectiles. 

The warhead consists of three 45 cm arrow-like multiple submunitions. They are made of tungsten and filled with explosives, which, according to the developers' intention, should enhance the striking ability.

Rocket mass — 14 kg, length — 1.39 meters, diameter — 13 cm. The maximum speed achieved during the flight, — over 4,195 kilometers per hour. Range: 300 — 6000 meters, height — 5000 meters.

These systems can also use the latest advanced Martlet missiles with fragmentation-cumulative warheads, which have a lower flight speed, but a range increased to 8000 meters.


The caterpillar armored personnel carrier FV4333 Stormer, which weighs about 13,000 kg, is used as a self-propelled platform. Engine power — 250 l. With. Maximum highway speed — 80 km/h, when overcoming water obstacles — no more than 5 km/h. Fuel range — 650 km. Crew — 3 persons.

There are eight launch containers on the roof of the armored personnel carrier, the same number of — inside.


The system is capable of detecting helicopters at a distance of 8 kilometers, — for 18 kilometers. In addition, the complexes can be used as air defense systems (air defense) with semi-automatic laser guidance. Stormer HVM is also “invisible” for airborne sensors of radar exposure, which are on airplanes and helicopters. This is due to the fact that this air defense system does not have a radar station.


According to experts, the main disadvantage of the complex is that it can only deal with low-flying targets, they are quite bulky and poorly protected. The missile is guided not by the thermal trace of the target, but by the laser beam. This makes heat traps and smoke screens useless, but requires keeping the beam on the target while the missile is flying.

Unlike a hand-held complex with a similar missile, the armored vehicle has more ammunition and better means of target detection, but the large size makes armored personnel carrier into a more visible target for combat aircraft.

Also, in the current conditions of warfare, tracked systems are worse than portable ones, since they require a trained crew and maintenance.

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