What restrictions on walking dogs were introduced in the State Duma?

On June 22, the State Duma adopted a law expanding the powers of regional authorities in the field of keeping and walking pets. This was reported on the website of the department.

Changes were made to the current Federal Law “On Responsible Treatment” with animals and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation.

What powers will the regions of the Russian Federation get?

As explained in the State Duma, first of all, the regions will receive more rights in the field of supervision of homeless animals.

Now, under the law on the responsible treatment of animals, the method of “trapping – sterilization – vaccination – return”, that is, stray dogs are caught, microchipped, vaccinated and returned back to the street. New amendments to the law will allow regional authorities to limit the places where dogs can be released. For example, to introduce a ban on the release of animals at schools and hospitals.

“Places to which it is forbidden to return animals without owners, and a list of persons authorized to make decisions on the return of animals without owners to their former habitats without owners are determined by local governments,” the law says.

In addition, the regions will be able to decide on their own whether to release animals from shelters or leave them to survive.

“Homeless animals will no longer be sent to their former habitats, but will be left in shelters until they are transferred to new owners or natural death,” the State Duma noted.

The amendments propose to increase and responsibility of citizens in keeping and walking pets "in order to prevent replenishment of the animal population without owners," noted in the State Duma. The constituent entities of the Russian Federation will be able at the local level to prohibit owners from releasing pets for self-walking, leaving them without supervision. 

"State authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation have the right to establish additional requirements for keeping pets, including including walking them,” the document says.

Changes to the law also oblige the government of the Russian Federation to prepare “guidelines for the regions on the treatment of stray animals, if they threaten the life and health of citizens.”

When will the new law enter into force?

The law will enter into force on the day of its official publication. And the subparagraph concerning the development of methodological guidelines for the regions by the government – from March 1, 2023.

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