What to do if you have been scammed?

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Criminals who steal money using the Internet, mobile phones or social engineering methods managed to enrich themselves by 46 billion rubles in the first half of this year.

Such data was provided aif.ru in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. Most often, remote thefts were committed using the Internet (84 thousand cases), a little less often – calls to a mobile phone (62 thousand). The methods of social engineering (psychological manipulation of people) accounted for 23 thousand crimes. In total, 249 thousand cases of remote fraud were recorded. Compared to the same period last year, their number decreased by 8.2%. It was possible to reveal 40 thousand crimes of this kind.

The hopes of law enforcement officers are connected with changes in the laws that are being prepared now. After amendments are made to the Criminal Procedure and Criminal Codes, they will be able to quickly block the debiting of money from accounts that, according to reports, are used in their activities by remote fraudsters. This will not stop the crimes themselves, but it will be much more difficult for the villains to get the loot. And the chance to return the money to the victims will greatly increase.

Central Bank experts advise not to store PIN codes on a computer or smartphone. Cut off conversations if the subscriber calls from an unknown number and pretends to be an employee of a bank, police or government agency. Call the bank yourself at the number printed on the card.

If a suspicious conversation took place, you must report to the police as soon as possible by calling 112. Then you will have to write a statement to the nearest department. Then your case may be included in the statistics of solved cases. Still, 21 ­ billion rubles. – almost half of the stolen – the police managed to return the victims.

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