Where in Russia are they planning to open a national park for the Amur tigers?

In Russia, a project has been developed to create a national park "Pompeevsky" for the conservation of the Amur tiger population. The authors of the initiative — experts of the Ministry of Natural Resources — propose to place the park on the territory of the Jewish Autonomous Region (JAO) in the  Pompeevka and Amur river basins.

«National Park„Pompeevsky“ is created on on the basis of the order of the President of the Russian Federation to preserve the local population of the Amur tiger and its habitat», — said in the explanatory note to the document.

The creation of the national park, according to the developers, also contributes to the development of domestic and international ecotourism.

What area will the Pompeevsky National Park be?

As follows from the documentation published on the federal portal of regulatory legal acts, the area of ​​the future national park will be more than 162,000 hectares.

“Create in  Jewish Autonomous Region on the territory of municipalities the Oktyabrsky municipal district and Obluchensky municipal district the national park „Pompeevsky“ with a total area of ​​162,260.5734 hectares, including forest fund and agricultural land», — It is said in the text of the project.

It is planned that the national park will include two state nature reserves of regional significance (“Crane” and “Dichun”), located in Obluchensky and Oktyabrsky districts of the JAO.

It is also noted that the territory of the park will reach the border of the existing Taipingou Nature Reserve. in China.

«Together specially protected natural areas„Pompeevsky“ — „Taipingou“ will serve as centers of a unified transboundary nature conservation system aimed at preservation of the Amur tiger population, its habitats and distribution routes  — noted in document.

What else is known about the territory where the national park is planned to open?

According to the information provided in the explanatory note, the territory of the JAO, which is planned to be designated as a national park for the Amur tigers, contains:

  • about 80% of the mammal species protected in the JAO, including including Amur tigers;
  • 31% of rare bird species, and one reptile out of five protected species and four fish species out of six protected areas;
  • 42 plant species grow, included in the Red Book of the region, including 10 species listed in the federal Red Book.

When is it planned to establish the boundaries of the Pompeevsky National Park?

It is planned to establish the boundaries of the park before 1 December 2024 . At the same time, it is noted that the allocated lands must be included in the  category of specially protected territories and objects.

"The Ministry of Natural Resources and ecology of the Russian Federation shall ensure the regime of special protection of natural complexes and objects on the lands of the national park" ;, — written in the document.

How many Amur tigers are in Russia?

According to the latest estimates of Russian scientists the population of Amur tigers is about 650 individuals. More than  80% of the population of these predators lives in Primorsky Krai, and also in neighboring regions: Khabarovsk Territory, Amur and Jewish Autonomous Regions, the expert said. Amur tigers are listed in the Red Book as an endangered animal species.



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