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Colleges and technical schools now have more than 2,200 workshops equipped with high-tech equipment. Until the end of the year, it is planned to open another 900 workshops on 108 competences. And by by 2024 there will be over 5 thousand                  These events allow students to have high-quality career-oriented training, make it closer to practice and more interesting. By the way, 60% of ninth-graders choose secondary vocational education.

Students of the first stream of the “Professionality” program, where you can enroll before  15 August, will also be engaged in modern workshops. This year, 150,000 students will become students of the project launched in many regions. young people. The new format of training will allow them to in get in-demand professions in short time, experience relevant to the profession in industries, and become well-paid specialists who are highly valued in the labor market.

An additional 12 workshops — in  Buisky College of Urban Planning and Entrepreneurship, Kostroma College of Consumer Services, Kostroma Engineering College, Chizhov Power Engineering College, Sharya Pedagogical College and Sharya Polytechnic College. Here, students will be able to study in areas such as brickwork, information modeling technologies, fashion technology, installation and operation of gas equipment, car repair and electrical installation. And before there were already created and workshops began to operate in Kostroma Polytechnic, Trade-Economics and road colleges. So, for example, in  the road college, where 4 new workshops were opened, for the first time in the history of the educational institution there was a camera for painting cars and their damaged elements. “Nowhere in  the city nor in one college is there anything like it. It turns out that only we are preparing specialists now. Now it is a very demanded, very highly paid job. And  students have the opportunity to learn this professionally», — said college teacher Dmitry Tikhomirov. College student Danila Kamolovadded: “We” only dealt with theory. And finally, a painting and shop with normal tools has appeared, where we will be able to apply our knowledge in practice».

By the new academic year, 12 workshops equipped according to modern standards will open in six institutions of the Ulyanovsk Oblast. For example, workshops on  Electrical Installation competencies will be opened at the Ulyanovsk Railway Transport College. and "Vertical Transport". In workshop "Electrical Installation" 5 working places will be equipped, allowing to carry out work on the installation of electrical equipment in industrial and civilian industries, to search for faults in power distribution cabinets, to program the logic relay for the operation of various electrical installations. In workshop "Vertical transport" 3 training workstations are equipped, which are equipped with elevator simulators, tools, personal protective equipment for performing work on inspection, maintenance and troubleshooting of elevator equipment. «Our site — only the fifth of its kind in Russia», — happy deputy director for training and production work of the technical school of railway transport Tatyana Zagitova.

In Gorno-Altai State Polytechnic College named after Gnezdilov, by the beginning of the academic year, four new workshops will appear in directions: "Repair and"maintenance of light vehicles", "Body repair", "Entrepreneurship" and "Cooking". "They will be a good addition to              shares college principal Elena Basargina. — Opening and existing workshops create conditions for practical training of students in accordance with modern standards and advanced technologies». Third year student majoring in "maintenance and"repair of motor vehicles" Roman Eliseev said that he helped, as a volunteer, to unload new equipment for workshops under repair: “I hope that with such modern equipment it will be possible to acquire new skills and improve existing ones.”

In  modern workshops, students will be taught by no less modern teachers, some of whom take part in  the competition of secondary vocational education "Master of the Year". Already in September, the final will take place in Yekaterinburg, where the winners of the regional stages will compete for the honorary title. The purpose of the contest — dissemination of advanced pedagogical experience, promotion of advanced ideas in education.

The winner of the competition “Master of the Year” 2021 became Dmitry Mikhailovich Kadochnikov — teacher of professional modules at the Yekaterinburg College of Economics and Technology. According to him, the knowledge acquired during the competition helps him in the main task of the entire pedagogical community — development of the system of secondary vocational education. “Any competition — it is an elevator for self-development. The competition made it possible to apply the new knowledge gained during the preparation for it, in practice — in conditions of limited resources (including time), it is in such conditions that, as a rule, the best projects are obtained», — Dmitry shared his experience.

Also, the selection for participation in the TV project «Klassnaya teme», where they will choose the brightest modern teacher in the country, has also started for teachers. A subject teacher from any region of the country can apply for the TV show until August 10 in the VKontakte mini-application at link.

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