Who is entitled to a deferment from the army in 2022?

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On September 21 the president of announced the beginning of partial mobilization. The corresponding decree was signed and came into force. In the near future, the government should approve the list of enterprises or specialties that will be subject to reservations.

The list of persons who are now entitled to a deferment from the army is contained in the federal law N 53-FZ.


Who gets a reprieve?

A deferment from conscription to military service is granted to citizens:

  • recognized as temporarily unfit for military service due to health condition (up to one year);
  • employed constant care for close relative — father, mother, wife, sibling, sister, grandfather, grandmother or adoptive parent (if no one else);
  • guardians or trustees of a minor sibling or a minor sibling in the absence of other persons obliged by law to support these citizens;
  • having a child and raising him without the mother of a child;
  • fathers of two and  ;more children;
  • having a disabled child under the age of three years;
  • employees of the internal affairs bodies, the State Fire Service, institutions and bodies of the penitentiary system and the customs authorities of the Russian Federation immediately after graduating from educational institutions of higher education of these bodies and institutions, if they have higher education and special ranks &mdash ; for the time of service in the said bodies and institutions;    enrolled in Russian National Guard Troops immediately after graduating the higher education institutions if they have higher education and special ranks — for the time of service in specified troops;
  • having a child and wife whose gestational age is at least 26 weeks;
  • State Duma deputies, members of the Federation Council, deputies of legislative (representative) state authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation, deputies of representative bodies of municipalities or heads of municipal  — for terms of office in the said bodies;
  • registered as candidates during direct elections to state authorities or local governments, — for up to the day of official publication of the results, and in case of early retirement — up to day of retirement.

Who is exempt from conscription?

Citizens are exempted from conscription for military service:

  • recognized as limited fit for military service for health reasons (category B).    they are released from conscription in peacetime, but they can be called up during mobilization (not in first place);
  • categories D (not valid). As a rule, these are people who have been diagnosed with cancer, active progressive tuberculosis, late syphilis, HIV, or have consequences of injuries that led to disability;
  • a temporary delay (category D) up to six months can be obtained with gastritis, fracture, pneumonia, and so on. At the same time, in any case, the conscripted must appear at the military enlistment office for a medical examination and determination of the period of unfitness for service. ?

    Deferment may be received in connection with education. The conscript will receive a reprieve if:

    • he is 18 years old, but he is still in school. The deferral will be automatically granted in order to pass the Unified State Examination and enroll in another educational institution before 1 October of the year in which he graduated from school.
    • he studies at technical school or college. The deferral will be given until the completion of studies in secondary educational institution, but when receiving education at university, it will no longer be valid.
    • He studies at university. For students of higher educational institutions, the deferment is automatically extended for four years if the study is under the bachelor's program, and for five — with a specialist. But at the same time, the training must take place in full-time studies and      s student must not yet have a diploma of higher education. After a bachelor's degree, you can get a delay for the time of study in master's degree, and after its graduation — in graduate school. A graduate student can also count on a deferment from the army for study and dissertation defense. Upon expulsion from a university, the deferment is annulled and not granted upon re-admission.

    Who else can get a deferral?

    In 2022, a deferment appeared for IT specialists with specialized education and working for at least a year in accredited IT companies (organizations included in the list of strategically important organizations compiled by the Ministry of Digital development, communications and mass communications).

    Except for IT people, pilots can get a delay, but so far there has been no information about armor for them.

    Also, by Decree No. 647, a deferment from the call will be granted to employees of the military-industrial complex — but only for the period of work in these organizations. The order of deferment should be determined by the government of the Russian Federation in the near future.

    Who has the right to exemption from conscription to military service?

    The following have this right:

    • citizens with an academic degree;
    • sons (siblings):
    • deceased (deceased) servicemen who were conscripted for military service, and also dead (deceased) citizens during the period of their military training;
    • deceased due to injury (wounds, injuries, contusions) or diseases, received in connection with their performance of duties of military service, after dismissal from military service or after deduction from military training or the end of military training.


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