Why can’t you write on snow in Antarctica?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 46. Where will they not be allowed without a QR code? 11/17/2021 Expert's answer -1 + –

In & nbsp; Antarctica must not be littered and & nbsp; redeem anywhere, because from & nbsp; 1961, in & nbsp; in accordance with & nbsp; an international treaty, the continent was declared & laquo; a territory of absolute cleanliness. '' This is important not only for & nbsp; scientific research, but also & nbsp; because more than 80% of the planet's fresh water reserves are concentrated in the & nbsp; Antarctic glaciers. Therefore, berthing ships are not allowed to dump waste there, and & nbsp; all going to the shore are obliged to keep their clothes clean and & nbsp; to undergo regular disinfection, in & nbsp; t. rinse shoes in & nbsp; disinfectant solution.

'Any solid and & nbsp; liquid biowaste in & nbsp; Antarctica should be burned in & nbsp; ovens (incinerators) or passed through special filters, & nbsp; & ndash; explains polar explorer, ex-head of the Russian Antarctic expedition Valery Lukin. & nbsp; & ndash; This follows from the & nbsp; protocol to the & nbsp; Antarctic Treaty, ratified by Russia in & nbsp; 1997 & nbsp; g. At & nbsp; Antarctic stations, these standards are more or less observed. But in & nbsp; hikes, polar explorers, of course, cannot carry bulky ovens with them. And & nbsp; when you have to “ go small '', no one, in & nbsp; including & nbsp; polar explorers from & nbsp; other countries, does not collect such waste, although & nbsp; does not advertise it. ''

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